Tasha Guevara DJ Tabu

21 janvier 2020 à 14h39

Spinning and curating music for almost two decades to an array of lounges, night-clubs and corporate clients plus traveling as far as Asia, Africa and Europe to share her potent musical perspective.

Hailing from Trinidad and growing up in Brooklyn New York, Tasha recalls always being deeply impressed by music. Some of her earliest music education moments came via browsing the 45’s record collections of her uncles and helping them spin at family functions. Though music was among her first loves, Tasha for many years pursued her career in Acting and Education. But the passion for DJing lingered and in 2001 Tasha launched into her DJ career with fervor.

Tasha has since worked with many night-clubs, promoters and DJ luminaries. She has also directed music for corporate clients like Vogue Magazine, Veuve Cliquot, Swarovski, Citibank, Donna Karan, Levi’s, Deisel and others.

She has held residencies all over NYC and has served as a sound designer for multiple theater companies. She also has several independent movies, TV appearances and commercials under her belt. In her spare time she serves as a teaching artist in the NYC school system

Blending a mix of syncopated, melodic house music inspired by Latin American, Middle Eastern, African and other global sounds, her sets are eclectic and reflects the influence of multi genres of music and her world travels. From the lounge to the dance floor, the combined musical collection and skills that this DJ brings are incomparable.


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